Monday, 11 November 2013

A Few Simple Techniques Any Can Use to Predict Stock Trajectory

When it comes to the financial trading game, it’s important to note that there are no methods that you can use to perfectly predict which way stocks may go; whether they are going to rise or fall. Stocks can be somewhat volatile in nature and with a whole host of concerns adding to the rise and fall of stock values, there are too many variables to take them all into consideration. However, that isn’t to say that it’s impossible to make an educated guess in predicting stock trajectory.  In fact, with a little bit of know-how and just a dash of modern technology, you can use current trends to predict whether a stock is ripe for the picking.

It used to be that this sort of educated guess work in the game of financial trading used to be the province of the professionals; the stock brokers and the financial titans. However, just as modern technology has opened up availability of financial trading to the general public, it has also provided the ways and means you can employ to come to an educated guess on future stock value. These methods aren’t perfect by any measure, but if you want to start financial trading, then they’re certainly helpful tools to have around. Here are the Academy of Financial Trading’s top tips to utilizing modern technology to engage in educated guesswork in financial trading.

Twitter: Believe it or not there are certain ways in which you can use twitter to predict how a certain stock is going to do; this method is even coming to be used by certain industry experts and is our top method on this list. Experts say that you can analyse the Twitter ‘firehose’ (all the tweets on a particular topic) to determine how a particular stock may perform. This is because you can see what people and companies are saying and if it’s trending positive or negative. Experts say that they can use this method up to six days in advance.

Google Rankings: Google Rankings are used by SEO companies the world over to assess whether an online reputation is positive or negative, as they are a reflection of what users are searching for and reading, and the same can be done for stocks. This is because if it company has positive content atop the rankings, it’s likely their stock will go up and vice versa.

News Sites: These days every news site in existence has two elements that will help you in your financial trading endeavor. A business section and a stock market section. You can use these in combination to help predict which way a stock might go. You can use the stock market section, along with the commentary from experts that often comes along with it, to assess both the market as it stands and how it came to be that way. You can use the business section to check the latest news on the company of interest, whether it is gaining publicity that will encourage investment or not. Then combine this knowledge to make an informed decision.

Apps: In the modern world of smartphone technology there are a whole host of apps out there ready and waiting to do the work for you. These apps don’t just tell you what’s going on in the market, they analyse it for you and provide all the information you can ever need to know. A particularly popular app is the Scutify app, now available on the Android and IPhone. 

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