Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Academy of Financial Trading Open Office in Finance Capital New York City

Ever since the first establishment of the New York Stock Exchange in the late 18th Century, the US’ most famous city has played a pivotal role in the forming and advancement of the practice of financial  trading. It is the city that gave birth to the rise of the international global economy, the city that established the premier international index of commercially viable companies, it is the city that fostered the practice of financial trading, evolving it from a practice only engaged in by the one percent into an investment opportunity for the masses. New York was the center of the now infamous Wall Street crash and it has since come to play host to the world’s major financial trading services. Those services have now come to include the Academy of Financial Trading.

The Academy of Financial Trading, which has already established an EU Headquarters in the thriving metropolis of Dublin, Ireland, can officially announce the opening of its new US Headquarters in financial capital New York City. The premises are in fact in the heart of the financial district at 48 Wall Street, 11th Floor, New York City, New York State. Wall Street is a prime location which brings us as close to the action as it is possible to get, as not only the Stock Exchange itself, but a large portion of the biggest investment firms in the business,  call Wall Street home. We really are in good company.

This is our chance to draw on the service, expertise and atmosphere of Wall Street to enrich our service and make it more valuable than ever to our customers. For those who haven’t yet heard, the Academy of Financial Trading is the world’s most trusted financial trading academy and was established by traders, for traders, with the founders starting out their careers in some of the largest global retail financial brokerages and breaking out into online financial trading for many years before deciding to open the Academy. The Academy offers several financial trading courses, one for each level of experience, which teach you how to break into the financial trading game with all the knowledge you need to know to turn a profit.

We have had over 25,000 traders take up one of our specific courses and leave with the skills they need to find their way in this volatile market. These students had the chance to learn the truth about the financial trading markets, gain access to free weekly trading videos, get support from the Academy’s expert traders, gain lifetime access to the trader’s community and get free trading software, trading resources and much more.  With the opening off this new office, we will get the chance to bring all of this and much more to even more budding financial traders!

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