Friday, 5 December 2014

End of Week Thoughts

We at the Academy of Financial Trading always find it fascinating when we talk to our students about their trading.  During an initial discussion, we like to cover all relevant areas – their history (if any), there intentions, their goals, their interests, even their opinions. 

Their “opinions” which tends to be of most interest to us… simply down to the fact that there is always an idea that “right now” is not the best time to enter the market. Current market conditions are too volatile “right now”. There is too much uncertainty regarding a militaristic conflict in some part of the world “right now”. There are too many conflicting reports regarding the overall global economic outlook “right now”.

We believe that there are only a few certainties when considering trading.  One certainty is that the time to learn to trade is “right now”.  Another is that the best time to trade is also “right now”. The world is always changing, it is always in a state of flux.  There is always economic uncertainty somewhere. There is always going to be a conflict in some region.  Volatility will always exist in the markets. 

We like the unpredictable nature of the markets.  We like the ever-changing environment. Can it ever be controlled?  Absolutely not – only a fool would think so. 

You can, however, control your trading.  Analyse a market in the correct manner. Use a proven trading strategy.  Ensure that you have a disciplines risk management technique. Remember that the protection of your trading capital should be your number one rule.  Then learn to embrace the change – to love the “right now”. This is one way to become a successful trader.

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