Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to become a Trader – Easy Steps

What would you do if you wanted to learn how to play the guitar?  Would you buy a guitar, walk out of the shop, phone a concert promoter immediately and tell them that you want them to book you a slot on the main stage in Glastonbury next summer?  How long would that call last?

What would you do if you wanted to become a brain surgeon?  Would you buy the finest white coat in the business, and couple it with the sharpest scalpel machined from the best Japanese steel?  Would you then place an advertisement in your local newspaper offering discount surgery specials?  You might get a few patients, but the results might not be very positive!

The Academy of Financial Trading believes that trading should be treated no differently from either someone hoping to learn how to play music, or someone hoping to gain employment within the health sector.  In any instance, you need to first get an education.  You need to learn to trade.  You need to speak to an expert and, if possible, ask them to teach you what to do.  You need to refine your skills.

This is the easiest step which anyone can take… but for some it is also the hardest.  It is hard because most people are unwilling to admit that they are not an expert in an area in which they have a deep desire to succeed in.  The novice retail trader must accept that if they start out without any formal training, then they are going up against the very best in the business, and hoping to beat them.  

It might be less stressful to buy the Gibson Les Paul!

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