Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Learning to Trade

The online trading industry is both hugely popular, and hugely competitive. 

It is popular because almost everyone has some interest in what is happening in the markets today – it affects us all in some way or other.  Think of the price of oil – any driver among us will know of the impact which that has upon our weekly spend on petrol or diesel.  There are also other commodity markets which we are all reliant upon – think of Wheat, or Corn, or Soybeans, or Orange Juice… all are dietary staples, and they are just a very small selection as to what is available to trade. 

The industry is competitive simply because it is highly lucrative.  The majority of brokers are “market-makers”… this simply means that they profit from their client’s losses.  This is not something which is new, but it somehow has become something which is acceptable.  Still, brokers work hard to attract traders.  Some offer educational services to “assist” the novice (or professional!) trader. 

So what are the best trading courses?  A complete education can only come from an entity who does not have an agenda – from someone who is only representing themselves, and is not representing a broker or someone who is advertising a particular broker’s services.  To do otherwise would be no different than going into a bookmaker and asking if they will assist in the placing of a bet on the Grand National.  
The Academy of Financial Trading prides itself on being a purely educational company.  We are not aligned with any specific broker and we are able to give clear, unambiguous, unbiased advice as to the steps any potential trader needs to make in order to help them become successful.  Our success comes from your success!   

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